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Beyond SMART Notebook: Considering Alternatives

Just as Xerox has become synonymous with the copier, SMART has risen to become the default word for interactive whiteboards. The majority of the schools...
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Are You Spiced Up?

A few month’s ago I encountered a strange issue: a seemingly healthy MacBook Air refused to work when hooked up to a projector. After performing...
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A Small Agency with a Big Mission Gets a New Website

The Pollution Control Financing Authority of Warren County is a small agency with a critical mission: to coordinate waste disposal and recycling for an entire...
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The Open Source School

We recently published an article on how schools can migrate almost entirely to the cloud, many of our readers pointed out that several of the...
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The Other Server…macOS

With Apple announcing the next version of their operating system for laptops and desktops, macOS Mojave, one question remains, what is the fate of macOS...
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NJ Town Switches to WordPress

Citing ease of use, lower maintenance costs, and increased flexibility, the Township of Lopatcong (Warren County, NJ), retained Digital Strategy Associates LLC to transition their...
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The Cloud Based School

The cloud revolution has swept through the IT landscape over the past two years and the education market is no exception.  As a Managed IT...
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Cloud Computing Explained

It once meant the puffy stuff in the sky. However, today, no other word has underdone such a drastic transformation in its usage than cloud....
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