How to Protect Your iPhone X

With cyber security on everyone’s mind (especially with Spectre and Meltdown in the news), it’s important not to forget about physical security….specifically securing your device against the every day hazards of life such as bumps, drops and spills. When I purchased the new iPhone X, I decided to make a few, relatively inexpensive investments, to life-proof my device:

OtterBox Defender

For iPhones, OtterBox is the gold standard of cases. I have had 3 iPhones over the past 6 years and do you know how many I broke due to drops: zero, zilch, nada! That’s because each one was protected with an OtterBox. For the iPhone X, I went with the OtterBox Defender Series. What separates OtterBox from the competition is their multilayer design which consists of a hard plastic shell with a thick rubberized outer layer. The rubberized encasing is the true hero.  I have personally dropped my iPhone on a variety of surfaces (concrete, hardwood, tile), and witnessed how the rubberized case bounces the phone to cushion the fall.


Screen Protector

Until recently, I have shied away from separately applied screen protectors. However, since the iPhone X is an expensive piece of glass, I decided to make an exception. The Anker iPhone X Screen Protector kit was the perfect solution. The kit comes with everything you need for a successful application including alcohol pads, alignment frame, dust removal tape, and a microfibre cloth. The alignment frame made installation a breeze and mitigated my fear of a crooked protector. The instructions are a little vague, but a quick search reveals several excellent tutorial videos on YouTube.



Although encasing my iPhone X in a rubberized shell with tempered glass affords a high degree of protection, I decided to also opt for an insurance policy with AppleCare.  For $199, AppleCare provides piece of mind with only a $29 fee for screen repair.  If the iPhone is a total loss, a full replacement would only cost $99.  Several carriers, also offer separate, competitively priced insurance plans.

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