The internet has proven to be one of the most disruptive technologies since the introduction of electricity a century ago. The internet has allowed for the rapid dissemination of information and ushered in a new era of interconnectedness and globalization.
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The ubiquitous nature of wireless internet has become a cornerstone in our everyday lives. WiFi has transformed the way we work, freeing our devices from being tethered to cords and outlets. Although we use WiFi every day, have you ever stopped to consider how it works? Since emerging in the 1990’s, has rapidly developed in...
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Writing articles or conducting research for a new project often requires the arduous task of keeping track of sources and including a tidy bibliography. Zotero, a browser extension with a cloud based counterpart, streamlines the process of creating a source list and bibliography with just the click of a button.
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While a lot of attention has been placed on the roll out of 5G technology, another shift in technology is occuring which will also impact the way our devices connect to the network.
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Adaptability and flexibility have always been the number one key words in every business owner’s dictionary and now the time has come to finally put it into practice.  How? Here are a few tips.
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