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DSA Research and Analysis leverages our in-house team of technical and creative specialists to provide our clients with timely, authoritative, and relevant research on emerging trends and new technologies.  We focus our research and analysis in three core areas: Technology and Governance; Technology and Education; and Technology and Society.  Each of these core areas complements are existing focus sectors of government, education, and corporate markets.  Occasionally we invite guest researchers to lend their expertise in articles. Our research has been published in academic journals as well as presented at regional and international conferences. 

Recent Articles and Reports

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3 Reasons Why Your Organization Needs Social Media

Nearly 40% of small businesses have no social media marketing strategy.  According to a 2019 survey from Visual Objects more than one-third of small businesses lack social media accounts.  Small and Medium Businesses, as well as government and educational institutions are more likely to think that Social Media is something for personal usage or that...
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Statement Regarding COVID-19

During these unprecedented times, Digital Strategy Associates LLC (DSA) stands ready to assist our clients.  Due to our nimble cloud based infrastructure, all DSA personnel are working remotely while maintaining continuous normal operations.  Our technical consultants are available to answer questions about integrating telework solutions into your organizations workflow in addition to providing our usual...
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Turn Your Apple Watch into a Walkie Talkie

For such a small device, the Apple Watch is packed with features including the Activity App and Heart Rate monitor. However, one of our favorite features is the Walkie Talkie App, which debuted in WatchOS 5, does exactly what the name implies. With the Walkie Talkie App, you can instantaneously communicate with your favorite contacts...
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Do I Need a Cache for My WordPress Site?

What is a simple way you can boost the performance of your Wordpress website? Adding a caching plugin! Commonly associated with internet browsers, a cache creates a static copy of your website and serves visitors the static copy instead of fetching the content from a server each time. The benefits of using a cache are...
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Focus Areas

We leverage our extensive experience in government, education, and corporate markets to provide authoritative and insightful research. 

Technology and Education

Instructional technology has transformed how we learned. From pedagogical theories to practical examples, we explore the latest trends in the intersection of education and technology. 

Technology and Society

Technology has disrupted multiple facets of our life and continues to shape the human experience.  We explore how technology continues to transform society through commerce, culture, and media. 

Technology and Governance

The convergence of civic society and technology has become more pronounced in recent years.  We explore emerging trends and current issues related to the intersection of governance and technology. 

Looking for Expert Analysis?

Let’s get in touch! One of our highly experienced researchers would be glad to present at your academic conference or serve as an expert for news articles. 

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