Are You Ready for Next Generation WiFi?

Are You Ready for WiFi 6?

While a lot of attention has been placed on the roll out of 5G technology, another shift in technology is occuring which will also impact the way our devices connect to the network.  

The Next Generation of Wireless Internet

Dubbed WiFi 6, the 6th generation of Wireless Internet promises faster speeds, better security, and a stronger optimization for handling multiple devices at once.  WiFi 6 will be able to offer speeds over 9 Gbps which is a substantial increase of WiFi’s current speed of 3 Gbps.  One of the biggest impacts of WiFi 6 will be its ability to communicate more efficiently with multiple devices at once.  

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Re-engineered from the Ground Up

Engineered from the ground up with the modern smart home in mind, WiFi 6 employs multiple input/output devices to handle traffic.  With the average household having over 10 internet connected devices, the technology promises to offer a smoother connection.  To experience WiFi 6, you will need to purchase a WiFi 6 equipped router and use compatible WiFi 6 devices.  Beginning in late 2019, WiFi 6 started to become a standard feature in new devices.  In many ways WiFi 6 promises to be deployed faster than 5G technologies. 

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