While a lot of attention has been placed on the roll out of 5G technology, another shift in technology is occuring which will also impact the way our devices connect to the network.
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The interconnected and globalized nature of the Internet has challenged traditional norms concerning extra-territorial enforcement of laws and the application of domestic laws within the realm of cyberspace.  While in the real space, geographic borders create a clear delineation between different jurisdictions and the authority of national governments, the internet has emerged as a borderless...
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Since the inception of the World Wide Web, the governance of the Internet has transitioned from non-profit educational institutions, to for profit commercial entities as well as national regulators.  Although conceived as a network of networks devoid of centralized governance, significant control can be gained through regulating the root authority of the Internet.
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This article is published under our technology and society series.  Technology has disrupted multiple facets of our life and continues to shape the human experience. We explore how technology continues to transform society through commerce, culture, and media.  Drawing upon the research of Lawrence Lessig, and his book Free Culture, this article explores contemporary challenges associated with...
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