Apple Releases iOS 11.4 for iPhone and iPad

Apple has released a minor update for iPhone and iPad users.  iOS 11.4 includes a variety bug fixes and several new features including:

  • AirPlay2: An update to Apple’s popular AirPlay feature which allows users to stream the content on their devices to compatible AppleTV and HomePods.
  • HomePod Stereo Pairing: Allows users to setup a pair of HomePods and to sync both devices to balance the audio.
  • Message Storage in iCloud: Messages can now be stored in iCloud just like your photos and files.
  • Apple Schoolwork App: Teachers can now assign activities in iBooks via the Schoolwork app.

To Update Your iPhone or iPad:

1) Go to Settings

2) Select General

3) Select Software Update

4) Download and Install iOS 11.4.


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