Tired of Losing Your Apple Pencil? Discover Why the STM Dux Plus Case is Our Favorite Solution

When we recently upgraded to Apple’s 10.5″ iPad Pro’s, we wanted to ensure they were well protected from the tumbles, drops, and other hazards of providing front line IT support.

From meeting with clients in conference rooms to sketching network plans in a drop ceiling, iPad’s have become a fixture in our daily workflow. So we needed a case that was not only rugged but also slim.

Although I recently outfitted my iPhone X with an OtterBox case, I wasn’t impressed with their product offerings for iPads. The Otterbox philosophy of providing hefty, rugged protection, just didn’t translate well for larger devices. While our previous iPad had an OtterBox Defender case, the thick rubberized shell added additional weight and made handling the device feel awkward. Instead, I opted for a case made by STM, an Australian based company which is quickly becoming our favorite choice for cases.

STM Case

The STM Dux Case comes as a single shell. The case is a combination of a hard plastic shell with a rubberized edging. The back of the case is transparent, which is great for displaying asset/inventory tags or for showing off that sleek Apple logo. The cover has a microfiber lining which wakes the device when opened and automatically sleeps the screen when closed. The front cover also doubles as a handy stand to display your iPad upright. The stand is a little flimsy but is a convenient option to have. One of our favorite features of the case is the built-in rubberized holder for the Apple Pencil. The holder is the perfect home for your Pencil and keeps it secure when not in use. The case can be ordered in several colors to match your style including Midnight Blue or Red.

Anker Glass

For additional protection, we also outfitted our iPad with Anker Glass screen protector. Anker is the same brand I use to protect my iPhone X. The kit comes with all of the tools you need for a successful installation. Unlike the iPhone version, their is no installation template, so the protector has to be guided into place using tape. Despite my concerns about air bubbles and alignment, the installation went off without a hitch. The protector glass blends right in and does not disrupt the Apple Pencil.

Overall, the STM Dux Case is an excellent compromise between rugged protection and portability. The built-in holder keeps your Apple Pencil within reach, while the extendable stand provides on-demand, hands free support.


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