January 8, 2018
With cyber security on everyone’s mind (especially with Spectre and Meltdown in the news), it’s important not to forget about physical security….specifically securing your device against the every day hazards of life such as bumps, drops and spills. When I purchased the new iPhone X, I decided to make a few, relatively inexpensive investments, to...
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If you’ve tuned into the news over the past few days, you have probably heard about Spectre and Meltdown, the two mega vulnerabilities which have affected virtually every computer (yes Mac’s included) manufactured within the past 20 years.  But what are Spectre and Meltdown? And more importantly, how can you protect yourself? In a Nutshell...
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Local storefronts and community entrepreneurs are the focus of Randolph Township’s newly launched initiative.  With a competitive regional economy, the focus on Main Street is with good reason: a recent Small Business Administration report ( concluded that small businesses comprise 99.9% of all firms within the US and collectively employ 47% of the nation’s...
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