Turn Your Apple Watch into a Walkie Talkie

Apple Watch

For such a small device, the Apple Watch is packed with features including the Activity App and Heart Rate monitor. However, one of our favorite features is the Walkie Talkie App, which debuted in WatchOS 5, does exactly what the name implies.  With the Walkie Talkie App, you can instantaneously communicate with your favorite contacts as if you were speaking through a handheld radio.  Whether it’s keeping in touch with family or coordinating a project for work, the Walkie Talkie App is surprisingly one of the more useful features of the Apple Watch. 

Installing the Walkie Talkie App

Prior to installing the Walkie Talkie App, please ensure your devices meet the following requirements:

  • Apple Watch Series 1 or newer
  • WatchOS 5 or newer

Activating the Walkie Talkie App is a breeze! To do so, follow the following steps:

  1. Open the Walkie Talkie App on your Apple Watch.  It is pre-installed with WatchOS version 5 and newer.  The icon is a yellow circle with the outline of a Walkie Talkie radio. 
  2. Tap the + icon and select which contacts you would like to add.  Only the contacts you add will be able to contact you via the Walkie Talkie App.  Only add contacts which you trust. 
  3. After adding a contact, they must accept an invitation to join your Walkie Talkie list. 
  4. Once a contact accepts the invitation, you can start a conversation. 

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In addition to adjusting the settings on your Apple Watch, you can also set up Walkie Talkie via the Watch App on your iPhone. 

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