New Years Resolutions for Your Website

Rethink Your Website

With the conclusion of a bustling 2018 and the start of a promising 2019 ahead, now is the perfect time to evaluate your website.  We forecast several trends continuing into the new year including the use of vivid media elements to tell the story of your brand as well as ultra sleek, parallax designs.  While some additions to your website might require the services of a web developer, we selected three changes you could introduce on your own to make an immediate impact:

Implement Google Analytics

Besides Gmail, one of Google’s more popular and powerful free services is Analytics which provides website owners with a detailed analysis of the who, what, where, and when of visitors on their website.  Think of it as a ‘hit counter’ on steroids.  In addition to displaying the aggregate number of visitors, you can take a deep dive into dozens of data points including geographic location, affinity categories, and new versus returning users.  Analytics also tracks how users are discovering your website providing a breakdown of visitors referred via social media channels or search results.  Implementing Google Analytics will allow you to make more informed decisions about your website’s progress.

Looking for More Insight?

DSA Research and Analysis leverages our in-house team of technical and creative specialists to provide our clients with timely, authoritative, and relevant research on emerging trends and new technologies.  

Add a Privacy Policy

While on the topic of internet tracking, it is important to add a privacy policy to your website.  Once the purview of large e-commerce websites, in an increasingly privacy conscience society, virtually every website should establish a clear and concise policy on how to handle visitor data.  Your users will certainly appreciate the transparency, and if you do business with customers in the European Union it is now a requirement to have such a policy.  The BBB provides a free privacy policy template on their website and Wordpress even includes a pre-made policy for websites which are powered with it.   

Use Dynamic Photos and Video to Tell a Story

Once upon a time (think late 90’s and early 00’s), websites closely resembled printed brochures with static images, clipart, and lots of text. Today, users expect more from the website they visit.  Whether you are selling carpets or providing financial advice, one of the keys to successful branding is conveying a powerful story to your customers about your company.  Leveraging advancements in web development standards and faster internet access, you can now tell that story with video, drone footage, dynamic graphics, and high quality photos.  Don’t just tell users, show them!

About the Author

Matthew Zuccaro is currently the CEO of Digital Strategy Associates LLC, where he developed a boutique web design firm into a multi-faceted provider of IT and digital marketing solutions. A highly driven entrepreneur, Matt founded his first business while in high school and used the proceeds to self-finance his college tuition. As a seasoned IT professional, Matt has extensive experience in supporting Apple, Cisco, and Windows. A graduate of Montclair State University, Matt holds a BA (Summa Cum Laude) in History and Political Science. Outside of the office, Matt is passionate about traveling as well as volunteering within his local community.

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